My Quora Codesprint Submission

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I’ve had some experience in the past with machine learning, but I feel like I still don’t have a proper methodology. I’d like to hear what you guys think about what I’ve done here. Continue reading

Vectorisation and the logsumexp trick

Having been played around and writing up some simple machine learning algorithms the last couple of months, I’ve decided to write about some useful tricks of the trade that I’ve learnt. These are are not specific to any algorithm, but stuff that I’ve found are useful. regardless of the kind of approach you intend to take. Many machine learning techniques can be performed as a series of matrix operations. As as a result, it isn’t too uncommon to see the term “vectorisation” being thrown about in a machine learning related paper. This essentially means to reframe the problem as a series of matrix operations, which results in some performance gains.

There has been plenty of work done to speed up matrix operations which have been implemented as libraries, and bindings written in different languages to take full advantage of these libraries. Continue reading